Yellow Jacket


A curious young Boy plays in an overwhelming forest as a mysterious Stranger watches him play from the shadows.
Brett Tinning
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson

A young Boy plays amongst the looming greens of an overwhelming forest. His curious and out-of-place, playful nature emits a sense of foreboding as a mysterious dark Stranger watches him play from the shadows. When the Boy is confronted with the difficult realities of life, an unlikely hero reveals themselves to shelter the Boy from the complexities of the world.

  • ATOM Awards (2015) - Nomination for Best Tertiary Short Film
  • Los Angeles Film Review (2015) - Honourable Mention for Best Director
  • Little Melbourne Mini-Festival (2015)
  • Houston Worldfest (2015) - Platinum Remi
  • Depth of Field International Film Festival (2015)
  • MICA International Film Festival (2014)
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